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The OUYA, sadly, has many flaws. It contains components which are now fairly out dated, it’s online-store offers a good variety of games, all of them offer a free trial too, but it doesn’t sync with Google Play so you’ll have to re-purchase most of the games you already own. Finally, the biggest gripe that everyone has with the OUYA is it’s controller.

The controller is probably one of the most talked about things with the OUYA and it’s not for the better. The overall feel is flimsy and cheap feeling, the face buttons occasionally stick when depressed, and the triggers felt a little loose. According to the company founder Julie Uhrman, these are all things that the company are constantly working and tweaking.

Speaking with Polygon Uhrman spoke a little more about the controller:

“The feel of the controller today is actually probably a lot better then in June,” she said. “Our goal is to build a great controller. We wanted to build something that was ergonomic, that had great weight, that had a great feel, that offered developers a different way to develop games by including a touch pad in the design.”

“We’re constantly going to work and iterate on the controller.”

There’s just one issue they seem to overlook… Each time they tweak, fix, and improve the controller, they don’t actually call it out on the packaging. Users will have no idea whether they’re getting a controller that was designed in June, or in September. On the subject, Uhrman said: “You wouldn’t know until you bought it.”

In reply to being told that some people may be unhappy about this, Uhrman said: “I think what’s different here is that every company does it, it’s just that no one talks about it.” Fair point. But with such openness I think that they’re just setting themselves up to be shot down again.

Sure, Sony and Microsoft could tweak and fix their controllers every so often to improve things, but what we don’t know doesn’t hurt us. It’s kind of like that paper cut you get that only starts to really hurt after you’ve noticed it. Now we know that the OUYA comes with different controller versions, we’re going to be picking at every little fault.

The company are planning on starting work on the OUYA 2 at some point next year. The company is looking to improve the guts and even the idea to stray away from the cube-shaped design is on the table.

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