PlayStation 4

When Sony announced the day-one update which is required in order to use some of the PlayStation 4’s basic and most hyped functions, I immediately realised that in order to get said update, you’ll need the Internet. So as to not be lumped into the same box as the Xbox One the company are offering alternative ways for you to get this update without the need to connect the console to the World Wide Web.

Both alternative options to download the patch are a little awkward to say the least and considering you’ll be itching to play your shiny new console one of the options might cause you to claw your eyes out.

The first option is to download the firmware onto a USB stick, you’ll then be required to boot your shiny new console into “safe mode” which requires you to press and hold the power button for a few seconds after turning it on. Again, you’ll require the Internet in order to download the firmware onto USB stick so that kind of defeats the point of that challenging task, I guess you’ll have to “borrow” someone’s connection.

The second option will have you clawing yours and the postman’s eyes out. According to the massive Sony FAQ if you really have no means of connecting to the internet “owners in PAL markets can contact SCEE Consumer Services to request a Blu-ray activation disc that will be distributed via mail”. Enjoy waiting a few weeks for your disc, that is if it even comes. As for North American NTSC consoles, Sony doesn’t seem to be offering the option to get a disc.

My Opinion

It’s good that Sony are offering alternate ways for users to get the patch, but it’d be nice if someone actually held their hands up and admitted that it was a bit premature to poke fun at Microsoft for their ‘always online’ requirement. Let’s just look at it for what it is, you need an Internet connection in order to get this patch in order to use the consoles most basic functions. Who feels silly now? Sony does.

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