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Right off the bat, or the Noivern, these are a personal standpoint on the most interesting Pokémon coming to the fore in Pokémon X/Y. These aren’t necessarily the most powerful or the cutest Pokémon to be coming to Pokémon’s 6th Generation but they are the ones that stand out to this Pokémon fan and writer. Anyroad. Instead of randomly warbling, time for a little actual content.

Also before I get comments about this. This is a post about newer Pokémon. Not Mega Evolutions.



Yeah its a poodle, but Furfrou is a special kind of poodle. They’re not only a pretty good looking Pokémon which may look a little too like Absol for my liking, they’ve got that special edge. X and Y will feature a couple of special modes never before put into a full size Pokémon release including something a little like Nintendogs where you can play with and groom your Pokémon.

As you can see above they can change how they look. That’s why they make this list of six. Something a little different is always nice. We had the whole happiness and status based evolution stuff with Eevee before as well as Togepi. With Furfrou we get to directly shape what our Pokémon looks like.



Gamefreak’s still got it! Evolved from Binicle, which is some sort of mix between a barnacle and an icicle Barbaracle is literally the unevolved form upside down with more legs and more arms! Your eyes are drawn to this strange looking chap because you naturally try to find a head or a face, and all you’ll find there is another arm. Barbaracle looks like a Pokémon that will be for those of us who like to make threatening and spiky teams as well as probably well used in the online training circuit. Cannot stop looking at this one, I find it quite cute…


Remember Kabuto and Kabutops? The spiky angry looking ones from the fossil. This ladies and gents is the X and Y version of those staples. I personally almost cried when I was younger when I finally unlocked my Kabuto in Pokémon Blue. Top 10 day of my life. Sorry, I’ll escape pathetic nerd mode and get back to the point.

Tyrunt’s got it going for itself in all manner of ways. Not only is Tyrunt a little T-Rex, but it evolves into an even bigger T-Rex making it necessary for the Gyarados factor of big angry sharp teeth. At the same time the little runt is so adorable a close friend who didn’t even think Jigglypuff was adorable made baby talking noises when she saw Tyrunt. You know the ones I mean. When grown men and women try and talk to boos and wees. If Tyrun can evoke such responses then Tyrunt deserves to be on the list!


Ever wonder how Sudowoodo would look you stuck a few gallons of protein shake and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide into its plantpot while showing them the footage M.Bison showed Carlos ‘Blanka’ in Street Fighter: The Movie? This what you had in mind? Doesn’t exactly look like a sap in combat and has that element in design which pulls fear from deep in your stomach. That fear which engulfs you walking through a dark wood. Looking at Trevenant that feeling is going to be stabbing the hearts of many a trainer in the coming months. Pokémon Game Tip: Everytime someone has one with the nickname Trevor, weep yourself to sleep at their lack of imagination.


Batman. Most people at least like him. So the popularity of Noivern is already unsurprising. Even if Noivern does look a little like the object of the Mothman Myth. Noivern’s stance and design has something about it which can’t really be pinned down. Something special which makes sound based Pokémon of the Dragon and Flying type enticing to anyone! It has a signature move with the unimaginative name of Boom Burst which was showcased within a trailer. Noivern is one of this list simply because it has something that’s going to make it a highly sought after and frequently used Pokémon.



Every new generation Pokémon game has an extra legendary stuck in for added awesome and as expected Generation 6 is no exception. I give you, Zygarde. Or as my brain first though “Hey cool, a Hydralisk”. From Pokédex data taken from already released versions of the game some information has been garnered. Zygarde is a ground/dragon type weighing in at a whopping 627.4lbs which in kilograms is.. lots. As well as this Zygarde is apparently an ecowarrior, with its description stating that it is thought to be watching those who are destroying its cave system.  Zygarde is no doubt going to show up in some end game form much like Rayquaza. Zygarde is unlike any Pokémon that’s come before it and out of all of Generation 6.

Before I sign off here I wish to bring a quote to everyone’s attention from Satouro Iwata. One which I hope is a theme through X and Y and will bring it more depth than previous Pokémon games.

“The theme this time is that even if languages, cultures and mindsets are different, even if the surrounding environment is different, they overlap somewhere.”

What are your thoughts on what he said? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on X and Y? What do you think are the best from Generation 6? Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments in the box below. You can even fling them at us on twitter @n3rbabl3 or even sign up to the site where you can discuss it with us directly!

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