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So a day like any other came. Zombies appeared and Halloween is coming so it makes this kind of relevant. With STARS disbanded and brains gobbled up around, someone commissioned the Avengers of the Resident Evil universe. So who made the line up? Let’s find out.

Chris Redfield– Okay, are you really that shocked? The gun which carries guns is the natural leader of the team. He’s like Captain America but he uses guns instead of a shield and doesn’t have a costume.

Rebecca Chambers– The most underrated character in the series. A character which seems to have vanished from the franchise in the favour of males with desirable hair styles. The team will need a medic. Have you ever played a Resident Evil game and gone ‘Oh that’s great. I have lots of health’ Well have you?

The Merchant from Resident Evil 4– To draw on another personal quote from Resident Evil game experience. Here’s another I don’t think I’ve ever said: ‘That’s wonderful I have lots of extra ammunition and these part of the game should be real easy.’ The Merchant was basically a walking gun super market, something which could come in very handy with loads of zombies. Throw a ton of gold bars his way and I’m sure he’ll be in.

Ashley Graham– Not just Ashley Graham the Presidents daughter. No no of course not. I’m talking about Ashley Graham garbed in near indestructible and ultra heavy knights armour. This makes her almost immune to the hoards of zombie and would surely come in handy in the teams plans.

Leon Kennedy– Are you actually surprised this guy turned up? The self proclaimed spy wielded some pretty cool gadgets in Resident Evil 4. It’s just a shame he preferred his gun over them.

Jill Valentine– Surprised really? She’s tough and experienced and could be the second in command to Chris.

Ada Wong– A super spy and pretty cool looking grapple gun. The Batman of the team, in terms of skills of course.

I guess I’ve missed a couple. Leave a comment below and tell me who you think should be part of the team?

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