With a string of Half Life 2 mods making it big and going it alone in previous years, No More Room in Hell has been slated for an October the 31st release via Steam’s Greenlight. This free-to-play, FPS zombie massacre has been shambling around the mod scene for two years now, adding a little more than recent games of the genre. It was the winner of both PC Gamer’s Mod of the Year 2011 and ModDB’s Editor Choice Multiplayer Mod of the Year 2011.

The 8 player co-op game is stacked with features that will leave even Left 4 Dead professionals whimpering in a corner. NMRiH gives the player a single chance to escape the rotting horde, with a single bite turning them into one of the undead. You can choose to lie to your team, following them until the infection takes a hold or give them the option to put a bullet in your head there and then to save the need to keep an eye on you. This is where people will need to work in groups and not wander off trying to be a hero. An especially clever voice chat has been implemented so that only nearby players and zombies can hear you, making it neccesary to team up and keep chatter to a minimum so as not to disturb enemies that may be skulking around in the vicinity.


The HUD has been kept stripped to keep an atmosphere to the game and a sense of immersion and if you’re used to having a crosshair hovering in the middle of your screen, say goodbye to that right now. Aiming is a skill here, one that will save your life, not an obligatory option to make life easier… You wouldn’t want that anyway, would you?

There’s a randomly generated objective mode, handing gamers a different experience each time though the content and a survival mode where you’ll have to defend your base until help arrives. Both melee weapons and firearms are in there too. With 34 weapons ranging from handguns and shotguns all the way to a chainsaw, choosing your method of murder covers most of the death and destruction catalogue. Watch your ammo though, it’s very limited.

If you’ve been missing a bit of brain-chomping, hardcore action, you can download No More Room In Hell for free on Steam this Hallowe’en and not an online store in sight!

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