Rose and Time, the time travelling stealth game has returned to the OUYA store after creator, Sophie Houlden, pulled the game off the marketplace after a dispute over the “Free the Games Fund” campaign held by OUYA. The Free the Games Fund became very controversial after people had reported suspicious behaviour surrounding the Kickstarters involved with the campaign.

After the questionable Kickstarters came and went, OUYA announced some changes to the Free the Games Fund campaign because it contained “too many loopholes”. After this amendment the Sophie Houlden let them put Rose and Time back on the marketplace with here saying that her problems with OUYA “don’t exist any more”.

She was satisfied with the changes that OUYA had made because the games that were a bit shady did not see any money from the Fund, she explains more here:

“Within a week of chatting with developers (including myself) about how the fund could be improved and what the best outcome for all concerned would be, the Free the Games fund was changed, none of the scam games received a single cent of the fund, the company admitted its mistakes, and was asking for yet more feedback to further improve things”

What do you think? Do you think that the Free the Games Fund almost killed the market on the OUYA or are you glad that they were quick about reacting to the scams within the program? Let me know in the comments below.

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