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With a rumoured release date for Samsung’s next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5, rumoured to be mere months away the inevitable procession of rumours, speculations and apparent leaks have begun, the latest of which is that the Korean giants are planning to pack the S5 with a massive 4GB of RAM.

This latest rumour has surfaced thanks to Digital Times Korea, who made a prediction about both the chipset that the latest offering to the Galaxy franchise will be packing and how much on board memory will be accompanying this processor.

According to the Digital Times in Samsung’s home nation the S5 will have two firsts, it will be the first phone to house a Exynos 6 series processor and it’ll be the first ever phone to hit the market boasting an impressive 4GB of RAM.

The rumoured Exynos 6 series processor will rival the A7 chip that rivals Apple featured in their latest release, the iPhone 5S. This means that the Exynos 6 will be a 64-bit processor, meaning it could be the first Samsung phone that offers a 64-bit processor.

The biggest news is coupling this processor with 4GB of RAM, which wouldn’t look amiss on some desktop computers, so if Samsung are able to squeeze this much memory into a phone and it can perform to its capabilities the S5 will be a seriously fast phone.

By comparison the iPhone 5S packs a rather meagre 1GB of RAM, which did draw criticism from some quarters as being too small and insignificant to take full advantage of its 64-bit processor.

Well apparently Samsung have heard this criticism and will allegedly attempt to one up its bitter competitor by answering the calls from some quarters of the tech community by marrying a speedy 64-bit processor with 4GB of RAM.

It is currently a Samsung Galaxy phone that holds the record for most RAM in a smartphone, with the Note 3 packing an impressive 3GB of RAM and that phone is pretty quick off the mark, so it’s hard to imagine what kind of speed the S5 will achieve if these rumours are to be believed.

Of course it is important to keep our feet on the ground and not get carried away, between now and the S5’s release we are likely to see a whole manner of specifications, most of which will probably be false, but it is nice to imagine a phone packing 4GB of RAM.

It is expected that the S5 will be released in the first half of next year, with an official release date yet to be announced.

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