Thank’s to Phones4U we managed to get hands on with Samsung’s Galaxy Mega, a device that’s surprisingly not in their range of Note “phablets” but boasts a masssive 6.3-inch screen. I took this phone for a spin to see exactly what Samsung are offering with this device, but let me tell you, it’s left me a little confused.

I’m no stranger to Samsung phones, nor am I a stranger to larger than usual handsets. For almost two years I owned the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung’s first foray into developing a phone that’s not quite a phone and not quite a tablet. Coined the “phablet” the Galaxy Note was pretty big compared to the other leading phones at the time. People often scoffed as I walked by them talking on my giant phone and sometimes left me feeling like Dom Joly on Trigger Happy TV, but enough about my insecurities when out in public let’s get onto the Samsung Galaxy Mega.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is probably the largest handset I’ve seen, ever, even the Dell Streak is relatively small compared. But it was in no way disappointing. The larger than life 6.3-inch”Super Clear LCD” HD screen was stunning and really enjoyable to use it was bright and vivid and a pleasure to touch. The overall size of the phone itself worked in it’s favour. It was nice to see apps like Twitter and Press a little larger than I’m used to and I could take more win without the need to scroll.

The size overall did make my head hurt though. It’s too small to be used as you would say, the Nexus 7, but it was too large to use it the way you’d use the iPhone or even the Samsung Galaxy S IV. There was a definite conflict in my mind as to how the Samsung Galaxy Mega could be used best. Unlike Samsung’s range of Note handsets, the Mega didn’t come with Samsung’s S-Pen which left certain Samsung Apps such as the S-Note a little dormant in my eyes.


As for power the Samsung Galaxy Mega packs the Snapdragon 400, a Dual-core 1.7 GHz processor which is accompanied by 1.5GB of RAM. The Mega handled multitasking high powered apps with ease with no lag whatsoever. I managed to play GTA III whilst writing a text, and browsing the web.

Gaming is where the Mega really shines. The overall phones shape conforms to that of the Galaxy S 3 and 4, it’s rounded corners are comfortable to hold whilst in landscape and the button position on the device won’t get in the way either. A prolonged gaming session on the Galaxy Mega will be comfortable and a pleasurable experience.

Multitasking really shines through here too with Samsung’s split view and multi window and Samsung’s Dual View you can browse the web whilst watching a video, or have two browsers open at once to compare prices for example. It manages all of this with ease and the larger screen really helps keep the browser windows and videos at a size that’s easy to read or watch.


As you’d expect with the Mega being a Samsung product, you’ll find all of Samsung’s latest features packed into the Mega, there’s the Air Play, Smart Stay, Smart Voice, STranslator, ChatON, as well as apps like S Planner and S Memo. Some would say all of these features can clog up a new phone, but with 8 or 16GB or memory with the option to expand with a Micro SD card there’s plenty of room there for apps, games, videos, music, and pictures.

Speaking of pictures the Samsung Galaxy Mega comes with an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera and a 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera. This is also where the larger screen shines through. Though the megapixels aren’t as impressive as Sony’s latest offering, the large screen on the Mega allows you to see more clearly the picture you’ve taken, the images are vivid, bright, and the camera works well in low light.

Say what you want about this giant phone, it’s actually really practical. The large screen not only improves the already great features found on other Samsung handsets, it offers the comfort that a larger 7-inch tablet doesn’t have, but doesn’t have a tiny screen. But this leads me to the first question I asked.


How big is too big?

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is too big, there’s no doubt about that. I really enjoyed using the phone and catching up on the days news, reading tweets, and seeing what menial tasks everyone has been doing on Facebook, but it just doesn’t work as a phone – I mean, obviously it does, it makes calls, but in terms of practicality it’s not. The Samsung Galaxy Mega doesn’t fit in your pocket unless you’re wearing clown trousers.

The dimensions overall are 167.6 x 88 x 8 mm, that’s 16.8 cm in length and almost 9 cm in width, that’s massive that’s about the same as a 100g Dairy Milk slab.

Typing on the Mega was pretty difficult, I almost dropped the damn thing twice, even with two hands. It was awkward. Sure Samsung offer the one handed keyboard options, but what about those who prefer Google’s Keyboard? No one handed option for you. The button placements are a little odd to, both the power and volume buttons are located near the center of the device which means you’ll often catch them when you pick up the phone.

Overall, I love the device  and I’d certainly have it myself but only really use it as a small tablet, unless I wear baggy trousers I don’t think I’d have the room in my pockets to carry it and using the Mega in public would probably turn me into a laughing stock, that was unless I was using it as a tablet.


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Mark Tucker


How sharp and clear is the images? Superior or inferior compared to Galaxy? Does it have the same bells and whisltes?

Thank you