In the launch trailer for SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow OmegaCo. and The Academy battle for your support by launching opposing adverts pointing out the benefits of their own companies and the flaws of the other.

If Green is your thing then support The Academy, a scientific-minded company that cares for the environment. They’re all about being green according to OmegaCo.’s advert, but at what cost? OmegaCo. seem to think it’s out of your pocket!

If bright city lights, robots and future technologies are your thing opt for OmegaCo, they’re all about technology and bringing factories to the masses, but according to The Academy, OmegaCo. support robot attacks!!

In the new SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack the player can choose between the lush, fresh-looking The Academy, or the sky tower building robot powered OmegaCo. or if you’re feeling brave, both!

The SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack is scheduled for launch on November 12.

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