Over 175 million units of main titles and expansions. Success spanning well over a decade. Hundreds of thousands of player made items in the latest iteration. The Sims is a game series which has not only changed how some players game, it has also brought masses into computer gaming which normally wouldn’t have. The 4th generation of the landmark digital doll house is coming, and sooner than some of us expected.

Vice President and General manager of the Sims studio, Rachel Franklin,  has stated that The Sims 4 is coming in Autumn 2014. This means Sims 3 players, who are still playing every day even 4 years after launch, have the best part of a year left to create and nurture their Sims until The Sims 4 comes along.

In an interesting move at the launch of The Sims 3 Maxis opened it up for players to create items to share with eachother which has become immensely popular. I’m not shy to say in the months I have spent playing the Sims that the creations and options it offers astound me. I’m sure not only myself but countless other Sims fans out there are hoping that we will be able to important families and items which have been nutured for 4 years over to the next title.

Also don’t forget you can preorder The Sims 4 already here and you’ll recieve some special Life of the Party DLC.

So fellow Simmers, what do you want to see in The Sims 4? Do you want to bring over your multiple generation families and towns or is a fresh start just what you need? Let us know in the box below, on twitter @n3rdabl3 or even sign up to the site and join in the discussions.

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