Rebellion and 505 Game announced earlier this year that Sniper Elite 3 is currently in development for PC, current generation consoles, as well as next generation consoles.

Slated for release in 2014, The team is currently focusing on creating all-new environments, a more refined gameplay experience and a brand new storyline. Details are still pretty thin but what we do know is that the game will continue the story of elite OSS sniper Karl Fairburne during World War II.

The trailer still leaves us guessing as to what the new game will feature but what we can enjoy is an awesome slow motion explosion. Who doesn’t love that?

Sniper Elite V2 has been a great success for us and we are thrilled to partner with Rebellion on Sniper Elite 3,” said Ian Howe, president, 505 Games North America. “Fans can look forward to the same heart-pounding action they have come to expect from a Sniper Elite game as well as refined and new features that will blow them away.”

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