Crystal-white snow, gleaming in the rays of a newly risen sun. Drinking in a breathtaking view of the valleys, log cabin villages and ice encrusted forests below. A beautifully rendered mountain lies ahead with smooth, powdery trails, icy roads and jagged rocks… It’s truly a sight to behold on Poppermost Productions’ debut game, SNOW.

A small, independent team of developers, numbering no more than three from Stockholm, Sweden, will bring a new free-to-play skiing/snowboarding simulator to PC gaming. They have lovingly created a world of peaks and slopes that look absolutely stunning, all thanks to Cryengine 3. The fictional world of Sialia contains some of the best looking winter wonderlands I’ve seen so far in any game of it’s ilk. You can actually feel the cold while you drift down the piste, watching the powder trails blow as you cut through the frozen landscape. As the game is still under production, this is a good sign of what’s to come.


You’ll be able to roam the world at your lesuire, choosing what lines to ride, exploring for fun or for competition. There are parks dotted around the snowscapes that can be used for trick sessions, long steep slopes and man-made or natural jump points to practice your most dizzying stunts out on. There’s solo and multiplayer events to take part in and a high score table to challenge your friends to beat your times and trick points. There’s a full range of tricks and spins to pull off with freeskiing legends such as Tanner Hall, Tom Wallisch and Russ Henshaw having input on the design for a more realistic experience.

Poppermost have managed to bring licenced gear and clothing to SNOW, giving a full range of cutomisation for your characters. From hats and winter coats to goggles, even down to your poles, there’s a huge range of options on offer. You’ll use the in-game store to deck out your skier or boarder however you wish and fans of the sport will be able to pick and choose from their favourite brands. Not only that, but the store will grow as the devs manage to secure new ranges and the game will be updated on a regular basis.


From the content I’ve seen so far, SNOW is shaping up to be one to watch in the coming year. You can check out the trailer above to see more or head over to Steam and pick it up on Early Access now from £11.99.

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