Recently, video game pre-order incentives have come in many forms, whether it’s extra in-game items like costumes, vehicles, and maps, or physical gifts such as vinyl figures, maps, and steel books. Well Amazon have announced a pre-order incentive for Sonic Lost World which is a bit… silly..

For those that pre-order Sonic: Lost World for Wii U from, you’ll not only get the Deadly Six Bonus Edition, you’ll also get.. wait for it.. 25 extra lives for the “risk-taking Sonic player”. Honestly, you’ll get 25 extra in-game lives which will presumably be of some value to the more careless Sonic player.

According to Amazon the “access code will be emailed within two business days after your order ships. This offer will be extended to all existing pre-orders” and as far as I can see it’s exclusive to pre-orders.

But isn’t that the point of Sonic? Isn’t having one or two lives and having to think on your feet a part of the Sonic charm? In my case 25 extra lives will probably only last around an hour, so I guess it’s not that bad of a deal.

Sonic: Lost World is headed to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Oct. 29. Nintendo also released a brand new gameplay trailer for Sonic: Lost World which you can see above.


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If you Pre-Order it from EB games in canada, you get the Deadly Six Bonus Edition, the 25 extra lives and a creepy-looking Omochao RC vehicle resembling Sonic (it will collect rings).