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Earlier last week it game to light that Brazilian gamers looking to grab a hold of the PlayStation 4 at launch can expect to pay $1,800. No that’s not a joke, Sony have confirmed and clarified the reasons behind the high price tag.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment America the high price tag for a the PlayStation 4 console in Brazil is down to a massive 63 percent of the price going to import taxes and fees.

Since the uproar Marc Stanley, the General Manager for Latin America, has broken down the price on the PS Blog to make it a little clearer. Stanley also wrote (via Google Translate):

“We’ve read hundreds of reviews about the frustration about the retail price of the PlayStation 4 in Brazil, estimated at R $ 3.999.”

“We want to emphasize that there is interest from Sony Computer Entertainment America sell the PS4 with a high retail price, since it is not good for our consumers, and it is not good for the PlayStation brand. Continuing our history of maintaining an open and honest dialogue with the nation PlayStation in Brazil, we want to be fully transparent with respect to items that make up that price and let the community fully informed to make their own conclusions.”

The blog post also included the breakdown which can be found below. I can’t speak Portuguese but I presume the R$2524 is how much it’ll cost in taxes and import fees to bring the console into the country.


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Just a detail: the brake down of the price is wrong, the tax is calculated over the final price but should have been done over the cost price… It is being a joke again in Brazil, everyone calling sony and managers as theft and liar.


The tax is approximately 63%, that should be around R$ 540,00. They (sony) “did” over the final price. That means an extra profit of around R$ 2000,00 to Sony. This happens because the social gap where poor are poor and can’t buy and riches have money to buy at any price.