Namco Bandai and Project Soul have finally released more gameplay footage of Soul Calibur 2 HD Online. The video pits Mitsurugi against Nightmare in a very familiar scene of gaming days of the past. We’ve seen snippets of action from the updated title and it’s looking rather good despite the fact the game is still in development and the compressed video format has degraded a tad of the quality.

DTN and his brother Mark Nikil have taken the roles of the online participants for the gameplay demonstration with no hint to who is playing which character. The French siblings are a huge name in competitive gaming with Mark coaching his brother to victory in the EVO 2K3 Soul Calibur 2 Championships.

PS3 and Xbox 360 users have been promised all the modes of the original, the full range of characters, including Spawn and Heihachi and the added benefit of wiping the floor with your online friends, chanting ‘Namu, namu, namu, namu!’ down your microphone instead of dancing in their face like the good old days of local co-op.

Still without an exact date, SC2HDO has been advertised for release in ‘Fall 2013’, meaning we won’t have to wait long.

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