On Friday Undead Labs announced that their open world zombie survival game, State of Decay has sold one million copies since it’s massive launch in June. This milestone includes both the XBLA sales as well as the Early Access PC build which launched a few weeks ago.

Undead Labs announced the milestone on their blog adding that they’re humbled by our continued support and enthusiasm for improving State of Decay. The blog post also hinted at the release of DLC some time soon titled State of Decay: Breakdown.

We’re so close to having some news about our first DLC pack that we’re going to go ahead and offer State of Decay: Breakdown as a prize in our One Million Celebration.”

If you head over to the blog (source link below) you can enter to win a free copy of the Breakdown DLC. All you gotta’ do is comment on the post and share your favorite memory of development, or favorite in-game experience.

According to Eurogamer the Breakdown DLC will contain a story-less Sandbox mode, brand new weapons, as well as new “Hero” NPCs that can carry items and do a better job of protecting players.

As soon as Undead Labs release more information we’ll be on it! Until then, head on over to our YouTube Channel where Tom is doing a “Let’s Play” State of Decay!

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