Super Mario 3D World is full of the usual musroom power-ups you’d expect from a Mario title, but there’s also some new additions in the form of a jingly bell, and a Pac-Man-esque cherry both of which do some new and interesting things.

Keep a keen eye out for these new power-ups as they offer some unique abilities to your character. Take the bell for example. Everyone loves it when Mario turns into a Racoon when he grabs that leaf, but what about a cat? If you manage to grab the bell power-up your character will don a cat suit and have the ability to climb walls.

When we managed to play Super Mario 3D World earlier in the year we discovered that this power-up became particularly useful in the multiplayer mode. It allowed you to get the height advantage over the opposing player which helped you grab more coins and even get to the finishing flag quicker. Oh and did I mention that the climbing ability also allows you to climb up the final flag to get the most points? Yeah, that happens.

Next up there’s a new cherry power-up. When your character finds themselves chomping on the old cherries a new version of themselves will spawn. You can end up with a fair few clones of your character on screen at the same time which can help gain access to certain areas, distract goomba’s and other foes from your true character, as well as get maximum spread of the 3D map and collecting more coins. What’s even better, other power-ups can be collected and your character and accompanying clones will also power-up too. Imagine 5 fire-ball Peaches firing at once!

Super Mario 3D World will launch on the Wii U on November so until then, take a look at the new gameplay video above!

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