In six minutes of a Japanese showcase of the Wii U’s first big chapter in the Mario series, an entire castle full of power-ups are displayed. With more suits and powers than Stark Industries, Mario and friends might just have the largest array of abilities at their disposal ever seen in gaming.

There’s a catsuit with claws, enabling wall climbing and a scratching attack, a boomerang bros outfit, a sparkly golden Tanooki costume and if I try to name them all, I’ll run out of breath before this sentence ends.

Each of the four playable characters have their own personal skill too. Mario is a good all rounder, Luigi proves that white men can jump, Princess Peach can float over greater distances using nothing but her skirts and Toad speeds around like his backside is on fire.

With all the new features, it looks like Mario is taking a leaf (pardon the pun) from the likes of the LEGO games where powers are more involved in solving puzzles and progression. You can knock a Goomba’s head off and disguise yourself from other enemies, letting you pass safely. Climb into the shell of a Koopa and you whizz around, knocking foes out and shooting through pipes at speed. There’s even a power-up that makes a clone of your character, allowing me to finally murder a Total Recall quote ‘Hahaha! You think this is the real Mario… IT IS!’, although without the gun violence of course…

Have a look for yourself. It looks truly amazing in action and should sell a warehouse full of Wii U’s over the holiday period.

Super Mario 3D World has a release date of November 22nd 2013 in the USA and November the 29th in Europe.

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