As someone who’s just getting into The Walking Dead, this game is right up my street. 505 Games today launched How to Survive on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade. It contains some pretty brutal zombie slaying action, but if I’ve learned anything from the TV Show, that’s not what’s important. Staying alive is.

As much as the trailer above shows some fantastic shots of zombies being sliced apart by a chainsaw, How to Survive is a little more than that. In How to Survive gamers must learn to fulfil their most basic needs such as seeking food, water and shelter, as well as finding an incredible variety of items to combine into dozens of handmade tools and weapons – scrap metal, tubes, bolts, fertilizer, tires, harpoons, and empty bottles are just some of the many items scattered about, but how you use them determines whether you wind up dead, alive or undead.

You can play as one of three characters in How to Survive as well as the choice between four overrun islands for you to test your survival skills on. How to Survive is priced at  $14.99 for Xbox Live and Steam with a PlayStation 3 and Wii U version available later this Autumn.

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