For a lack of words for a snappy title. Vita gamers have their work cut out for them. Get it? No? Ah well then…

A new trailer from Media Molecule, the masters of the create-your-own-world genre, have detailed some of Tearaway’s story features. Developers offer some insight in how you will play through a world of papercraft pandemonium, helping shape the land and delivering a message to yourself through your envelope-headed characters. That sounds confusing, but it’s more accurately described by members of the Mm team in the video above.

Tearaway has an entirely hands-on approach to it, using the touchscreen and back panel of the Vita to craft and manipulate the world all at the power of your fingertips. You can cut out shapes to build parts of the world to progress, take photographs with the Vita’s Camera and imprint textures onto in-game denizens, even shouting and blowing into the microphone will have an amazing effect on your surroundings, scaring enemies and shooing obstacles in your way.

If you head over to the official site, you can watch the full trailer for Tearaway. I challenge you not to smile at some of the wonderful ways you can ulitlise the special features of Sony’s handheld and the charm that it exudes through gameplay, characterisation and the funky folk soundtrack that’ll have you humming away to medieval melodies while you play.

The tactile title will be released exclusively for Playstation Vita on November the 22nd 2013 in both the UK and US.

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