tekken revolution

Tekken Revolution, the free to play fighting game exclusive for the Playstation 3 is adding two new characters into the mix.

You may recognise these characters from the main Tekken titles. The first is Christie Monteiro who first appeared in Tekken 4, she was slated as the female version of Eddie Gordo, the game also had a hidden Easter Egg, when you pressws start on Christie,  you could play as him. Her fighting style is the easiest to get the grips with and is very satisfying when you get a juggling combo on the go.

The second character that will be available is Lee Chaolan, his first appearance was as a secret character in Tekken 2. I’m not too familiar with Chaolan, I always chose Yoshimistu or Eddie.

These characters will be available to download on the spooky day of October 31st which take the current roster of characters from 22 to 24. For more information on the game check out our review here.

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