You better reinforce those doors and dig some deeper zombie pits… Halloween is invading Terraria this week.

Up until November the 10th, you can deck your anime character shaped castles and lowly wooden hovels with some creepy new tilesets. There’s also some creepy new armour to be added to your mannequin collection among many other things.

Remember your first day on Terraria? The horde of zombies, pounding at the door of your first outpost in the search of the brains of your Guide? Now they’re back, and looking for candy or… Nope, it’s probably still the Guide’s grey matter. Some of the monsters will be kitted out in full costume, allowing you to get revenge on trick or treaters that plague you every year. Chop your visitors to bits and they may drop some special event goodies for you to play with.

Merchants will also be celebrating by selling you Halloween gear. Some sell costumes, while others will be seling more interesting items for use. Make sure you visit them before it ends. There’s also a Pumpkin Moon event to take part in, with bigger prizes for the more you kill. The invasion can only be triggered in Hard Mode and better loot will drop as the waves increase in difficulty.

For a game that’s been around for some time now, Terraria just keeps getting bigger and better. Since the massive 1.2 patch, there’s more content than you can shake a broomstick at and with Terraria 2 announced recently, there’s more 2D mining and monster hunting to come. If you want the entire list of details on Update, you can find them right HERE.

You can buy Terraria now for $9.99 on Steam to get in on all the evil action.

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