The launch of Grand Theft Auto Online went about as smoothly as crunchy peanut butter. Not to say that it wasn’t expected, because it was. Even Rockstar themselves said that there would be some teething problems. But I don’t think we quite expected it to be this severe.

For the past three days it’s been almost impossible for some people to access Grand Theft Auto Online. The Rockstar Cloud Service has been temporarily unavailable, players characters won’t save, others including myself have been stuck in an infinite loading screen for almost an hour. If you’re lucky enough to get past all of that I’ve heard that people have had problems with missions ending or randomly failing, the ability to shoot other players has been disabled, and other random hiccups has made the Grand Theft Auto Online experience an unpleasant one.

Rockstar know it too and have been working “around the clock” to fix issues and last night they announced that a title update for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be released “as soon as” today which hopes to fix some of the online issues.

For now I would suggest to just bear with the game for a few days until the problems are fully fixed. Grand Theft Auto Online is a massive game in itself and with only two weeks to prepare Rockstar have had a lot on their plate!

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