Top 5 foot soliders

It may say a lot about my career aspirations when I write this post but I think it’d be pretty fun to work as foot solider for a good or bad guy organisation. You’d get to go to exciting places and do exciting things but chances are you’ll die. So here’s comes my list of grunt jobs I’d gladly hand my CV in for, until I figured out what I really want to.

Clone Trooper – I know technically you have to be a clone of Jango Fett for this one, but still. I wouldn’t want to be one of the white armoured generic ones I’d love to be that go to guy on special missions or a part of special division which was deployed to Arctic or Forest worlds. A great chance to explore the galaxy and do some good – for a while.

Colonial Marines– I know my life expectation will massively drop and Weyland Yutani would probably throw tonnes of Aliens my way, but still it’d be an adrenaline rush. An excuse to be a manly man or bad ass woman and not be laughed at to much. Plus I hear there is a massive pay check at the end of it.

Foot Ninjas – The Foot Clan are based in what many call the greatest city in the world. New York. The only issue is dealing with the Turtles and an angry boss, but still the city has the best pizza in the world and some amazing sights you can take in when Leo or one of the other Turtles isn’t giving you a beat down for being supposedly evil.

UNIT trooper – UNIT hasn’t been featured a lot in the current Doctor Who continuity but I think following around the soldiers of UNIT would surely make a good spin off or comic at least. It could be interesting, surely?

MACO’s from Enterprise – I know many Trekies hated Enterprise. The prequel series 100 years before Captain Kirk and followed Earth’s first deep space starship. It had some interesting ideas but didn’t really use them one of which is the MACO’s, a team of space soldiers bought onto the Enterprise to fight some new bad guys. A slick well dressed team of troopers with that weird high-tech but only slightly technology Enterprise used.

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