Cod Ghosts Headset

Turtle Beach, well regarded for their gaming headsets, have revealed that most of their products will work with the Playstation 4 without the need for an adaptor, unlike the Xbox One.

The yet to be released PX4 will work straight away, with no firmware update required. It’s currently available for pre-order from Amazon UK, priced at £149.99.

The CoD Ghosts Phantom headset is due for UK release on November 5. Available for approximately £220, it will require a firmware update if it’s to be used with PS4.

The already available PX 51 (£200), and XP510 (£280) headsets will also require the firmware update.

The firmware update will be a program downloaded to your desktop or laptop computer. After plugging your headset into the USB port and running the program, the headset will be updated in about 3-5 minutes.

Turtle Beach explained how the headsets function with the new games system: “The latest wireless headsets from Turtle Beach provide a mobile adapter connection. These headsets can use that mobile connection to get chat audio, and an optical cord for game audio, and still get an integrated headset experience. You simply run the mobile adapter cord from the headset to the controller for chat audio.”

So it’s good news for owners of PX51’s and XP510’s, as well as those planning on purchasing the Cod Ghosts Phantom or PX4. Unfortunately, Turtle Beach haven’t mentioned any other models as yet.

To find out more, check out the handy guide on Turtle Beach’s website.

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