According to sources close to the subject Twitter is “strongly considering” pulling the plug on it’s music service only six months after they made a big hoohar over the services launch.

When Twitter #Music launched, the mobile app shot straight to No. 6 but soon after the launch the app has seen “abysmal” numbers both in iTunes App Store downloads and engagement according to the sources. They also reveal that there’s no time frame in place for when the plug will be pulled but “the app’s fate is nearly sealed”.

For those unsure what the Twitter #Music app actually is/was it’s concept was was to direct users to “trending” tracks using the #NowPlaying hashtag. The app then directed users to either an iTunes preview or the whole track via Spotify. The app also split music into various other trending categories such as Superstar, Popular and Emerging, as well as categorie such as Unearthed and Hunted for those looking for new music.

Sadly however, as great as the idea sounds, it clearly didn’t work out too well. If Twitter do pull the plug, which is seeming more and more likely Twitters music strategy may die with it.

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