The editors at Shacknews have noticed on the US version of Sony’s ‘4 the Players’ viral, that Ubisoft’s two big titles, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watchdogs will have timed exclusive DLC for the PlayStation 4.

In small print during the video, it states under both titles that the content will be for ‘*6 months only’. This leads us to believe that Microsoft will be free to ship the DLC onto XBL once the embargo has lifted. This may not be the case, as ACIII’s Benedict Arnold missions have still not been spotted on the horizon for Xbox 360 after almost a year. The possibility is there though and if so, it seems a waste of time to spend so much money to keep content away from the other side of the gaming coin, just for a while at least.

With a battle to see who can secure more exclusives raging, both Sony and Microsoft have dug deep in their pockets to gain a foothold with publishers. Fans of both console giants will either have to make a choice on loyalty to system or to the developers that they follow in order to make the best decision. Sometimes it may seem like gamers are being cheated by both sides, not getting the same content from a cross platform experience in the rumblings of another generation of console wars.

Also, spotted on the EU video, LEGO Marvel Superheores will have a 90 day exclusive deal for DLC for the Playstation brand.

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