Ultra street fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV was not received well due to fans of the series expecting Street Fighter V but as the creator Yoshinori Ono says that he has no budget for a new instalment and I can see why; They have Deadrising 3 coming out soon for the Xbox One.

Back to the point at hand, they have introduced a new battle system within the new iteration of SF IV which is a new way of pulling off an Ultra Combo, also called a “Double Ultra Combo”, which let’s players choose which Ultra Combo you can use. However there is a down side to it, if you pick the Double Ultra Combo it will do less damage compared to other combos as the designer Tomoaki Ayano states “Having both Ultras available will give you new ways to press your opponent, limit their options, and expand your fighting strategies”.

The new version of SF IV also adds a new feature called Red Focus attack which lets you take more damage, but it drains your super meter that you’ll be saving to unleash your deadly Ultra, as Ayano states “Since it uses the meter you’ll have to put some careful thought into how you use it”. The concept of this new system will add more strategy to a fight because you’ll have to decide to take the more offensive stance or be more defensive.

Like all iterations of fighting games it will come with a plethora of new characters and stages. In total there will be 44 playable characters and six more stages and rebalanced gameplay and mechanics based upon audience feedback.

Ultra Street Fighter IV releases in early 2014 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, what do you think? Do you think that this is another cash-in or are you willing to pay for another iteration of the same game? Let me know in the comments below.

Red focus attack

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