I think the most impressive piece of trivia I found about gaming was that Silent Hill 3 was made by eight people alone. I was impressed as I was in love with the game and kudos to the people for making such a great game. Nowadays we have indie games, made by a small team or one person alone, these normally range from two dimensional platformers or slightly detailed first person shooters that are quite frankly nothing to write home about. But one man has taken it upon himself to create a game all by himself. Yes, it’s indie, but it goes beyond that of platformers or First person shooters.

Universum: Warfront. A game set in an original universe  that takes on the hybrid format of a Real Time Strategy game, a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and a Third Person Shooter all-in-one.

Cyril Megem, the creator of Universum, has spent over a year and half developing the game. Literally, everything was made by this one man alone including the story, 2D artwork, transferring the 2D into 3D, and then the programming to make it an RTS, the music was also composed by him too.

Here is a word from his kickstarter.

I’m a guy, who decided to stop just to dream, but to make it real. Being a professional 3D & 2D artist, game designer, programmer, and even music composer, I spent 10 years of my life working for game companies as their Lead Artist, Art Director and project manager. Finally I decided to leave my last job, staying home like a hermit for a while, and focusing on my own game development. The game you see here is a result of my personal day to day hard work over a year, and I pretty sure I can do even more with your help and support.”

To think a game this pretty made by one guy, I dread to think about the large quantities of coffee he must have consumed. That or he’s really talented and doesn’t require a lot of sleep. Although, he originally was an artist working at Monte Christo, a french publishing company, before leaving and forming StarworksArt studio with Briah Dinh who’s taken control of sales and marketing. With the game currently as it is, imagine what they would be able to achieve with more people as an addition to Universums development.

Universums Kickstarter is five days in and all they ask for a fair funding goal of $20,000 for more staff and scope of the game. I truly think we’re going to get something good out of this, I wish Cyril and StarworksArt all the best because I really, really want to play this game.

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