For all you block-building gamers out there, Mojang will be doubling your fun by releasing an update of enormous proportions. 1.7 will see twice the amount of biomes added in world generation, reducing that expansive ocean that plagues the land and giving you more interesting areas to explore. It also makes the lands more realistic in terms of transition. No more stepping off an icy lake into a desert which would surely just be wrong.

Crash fixes, block additions, an overhaul in achievements and best of all, an update to fishing! Now you can cast your rod in hope of reeling in a new breed of fish, valuable treasure or a soggy old boot that doesn’t even fit. Shopping trolleys have not been confirmed. There’s an eye-crossing amount of changes in the ‘Update That Changed the World’, that will surely make any Minecraft fan weep cubic tears of joy.

The entire list of changes and additions can be found on Mojang’s site, right HERE and hopefully, with a smooth update process, you’ll be spelunking away on PC this Friday the 25th of October 2013.

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