Okay, it seems that some of you lovely people think that maybe we’re not all so gonzo for Agents of SHIELD as I thought.

To add one more idea to the Coulson theories I’d suggested last week, after he constantly spouts the phrase “It’s a magical place”.. Maybe an Asgard connection? Only time will tell.

So back on topic. Last week I told you about the heroes I’d like to see on Agents of SHIELD so this week I’ll tell you about the villains.

UFO’s – Okay, imagine the Fantastic Four but bad guys and trapped in garish looking costumes. I think I’d just be really interested to see an evil Fantastic Four since this seems to be the only way I’ll see something resembling the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Universe.

The Hood – An average crook with average goals but here comes the cool plot twist. He’s endowed with various mystical powers because of his hood. A pre-cursor to Doctor Strange and a chance to explore what other artefacts are kicking around from Asgard on Earth. Plus this guy is awfully good at rallying other super-villains.

Something of AIM – I know AIM seemed to be have been pretty much wiped out by the end of Iron Man 3 but in the comic world AIM are tenacious and a difficult one to wipe out – despite wearing yellow jump suits with bee hive helmets.

I’d love to see what the terrorist organisation with PHD’s is getting up to on the side. I can gladly wait for Captain America 2 to see what happened to Hydra.

The Wrecking Crew – Imagine a group of street thugs who had the power of Thor. How would you take down such a group? Could the Calvary take down a team of god empowered thugs? Would anyone like to see her try? I certainly would.

So yeah, maybe this guys could join Graviton. Or you guys know him if you’ve the current episode the guy that feel into the metal goo.

Though let’s generally hope the shows starts to feel more like a comic show rather then a cheap marketing tool as some people have seen it as.

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