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Good news Walking Dead fans and I mean the game not the TV series, The Game of the Year Ddition has been given a ESRB rating, at least the rating has been spotted on the rating boards website, that means it is closer to coming out soon. Walking Dead GOTY has been rumoured to be released on Xbox, PS3 PC and Mac, unfortunately, no official date or price has been announced just yet.

On another note, it has been hinted that Walking Dead GOTY will feature add on content as a quote from the listings were “Remember when TJ got high?” which is from The Walking Dead DLC, 400 Days. According to Joystiq “Reliable Xbox-hound @lifelower unearthed a GameStop listing that has it going for $30. According to that, the GOTY edition includes the 400 Days DLC, the soundtrack, and a behind-the-scenes vid.”

That’s all there is to say I’m afraid but we will update this news as soon as anything is said. If you have any news feel free to give us a tip and we’ll update for you.


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