Elizabeth Henstridge, who plays Agent Simmons in Marvel’s flagship TV offering made a fairly Stark (get it?) promise at New York Comic Con yesterday with regards to burgeoning character development and plot in the show, saying ‘Lots of secrets and little twists are going to be revealed and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.’

Executive Producer Jeph Loeb followed up by adding, perhaps with a note of caution, ‘“It’s always challenging with a new show on how much to give and how much an audience needs at a certain point. All of our characters are growing. As the team is getting to know each other, you’re getting to know them as well.”

They also screened next week’s fourth episode in its entirety, featuring a trip to Sweden which Loeb promised was entirely shot in country. “It’s something we’re going to be doing a lot on the show. We’ll be going to international places. (In the pilot)We were in Paris, that’s not some photoshopped nonsense people talk about.”

Knowing creator Joss Whedon’s propensity to kill off much beloved characters (though we’re yet to fall in love with anyone from AOS) Henstridge was asked whether it was something which could potentially happen in the future, ‘“Yeah, I guess! I think you never know… it’s like anything. Especially as an actor, you never know when it’s going to end.’ Adding somewhat depressingly, ‘If you get killed, watch the reruns and cry on your own.’

Agent May

Loeb made it clear that show show would feature a mixture of characters from Marvel’s ever expanding cinematic universe and originals from the show, going on to say ‘Look, we have the Marvel Universe that’s open to us. It’ s a young place. A lot of the characters you think of haven’t shown up yet… or maybe they have and you haven’t met them yet.’

With Graviton’s likely introduction in the most recent episode (which could potentially see the introduction of the Black Panther), we’re fairly excited for what’s coming – whilst the show has garnered mixed reviews from some quarters, things will likely improve after some initial teething troubles and this week’s episode, which we were lucky enough to have caught, is a belter. Look out for it midweek.

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