War Thunder 2

It looks as if the popular free-to-play World War II MMO, War Thunder, could make it’s way onto Microsoft’s Xbox One along side the already announced PlayStation 4 release, if Microsoft get rid of the Xbox Live Gold Paywall that is.

In a recent interview we had with Gaijin Entertainment’s Pavel Kulikov we spoke about the games launch on the PlayStation 4 as well as asking whether Pavel and the team had any thoughts about bringing the title to the Xbox One, he replied:

“Until Microsoft will change its policies about free-to-play model (forcing everyone to buy Gold membership for multiplayer) and cross-platform play, War Thunder won’t be possible on Xbox One. I want to point out that this has nothing to do with hardware – Xbox One is a very potent machine and is quite capable of running our game.”

Like many other free-to-play games heading to the PlayStation 4, it seems they’d all love to get on the Xbox One too but thank’s to Microsoft requiring the need for an Xbox Live Gold account that kind-of removes the “free” part of “free-to-play”. Developers for games like Warframe and even Bethesda with their massive Elder Scrolls Online (which may require a subscription to play) are all pushing for Microsoft to remove the paywall but it seems Microsoft aren’t budging.

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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn wanted to be released on Xbox 360/One as well. Microsoft needs to change their online policies for these things. They did allow Final Fantasy XI Online for PS2/360/PC to only require silver membership but why not allow these games to do so as well. They’re losing a market worth if they don’t.

Michael Strom
Michael Strom

Don’t think its a Microsoft problem. Game on Steam is plagued by client side aim botters, griefers and rammers. Gaijin make the victims pay and with the release of tanks the aim bot problem will get worse.


I dont understand why xbox owners microsoft just put god to free because i own xbox original nd 360 and one and yet i am desperate for warthunder and also adore watching videos so ysdesperate to play and anyway it is dear for an xbox pltform anywa plus wned by the richest billionare so i cant wait tofind out what will happen!!!…