Okay, have you taken a deep breath and gotten over the Captain America 2 trailer? Well if you have it’s time look at the X-Men Days of Future Past trailer.

Spoiler alert

So it seems Wolverine is back at the centre of the story as future Wolverine (post X-Men 3) is sent back in time into his past body to prevent some kind of terrible event for setting a dark future.

The trailer has revealed many big players returning like Patrick Stewart and more franchise favourites like Ice-Man, Shadowcat and Rogue. X-Men favourite Bishop is also making his film debut.

The comic story line Days of Future Past actually involves Shadowcat going back in time to prevent mutant hunting robots Sentinels (who appeared in the danger room scene in X-men The Last Stand) from taking over the world. It’s thought themes from the Holocaust echo throughout,

The Sentinels are yet to make an appearance in any trailers, but I did spot sight of them here and it looks like Stark Industries has competition http://www.trask-industries.com/

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