Speaking on Xbox’s official channel, director of product planning Albert Penello revealed the key features that makes Xbox One a machine for the future. As well as having dedicated servers for all Xbox One multiplayer games, Microsoft also intends to impress fans with the Cloud.

Poised to be a vital part of the system’s best features, Cloud allows players to access their profile, achievements and saved games from anywhere. Penello described it as “Any Xbox One, anywhere in the world, is your Xbox”

Though he stressed that Xbox One functions without it, Penello also explained that Kinect enhances the user experience through voice commands and recognising players.

Penello believes that by keeping the game environment and system environment separate, Xbox One is “specifically designed…to being the most powerful platform to enable these types of new experiences.”

Check out the video above or the source link below (written by Lead Program Manager, John Bruno) for more information.

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