A Possible Telltale Game of Thrones?

Two of my favourite things in the world have been rumoured to join, in a possibly bloody and treacherous marriage (wink) of gaming and reading. George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire may appear in decision making, screen clicking glory in the future.

Telltale Games, developers of The Walking Dead, managed to capture the world, characters and emotions of the Image Comics publication, offering a new take on the point and click adventures of old where they mostly involved pirate humour and melon twisting puzzles. By hopefully bringing the dark and sometimes horrific storylines of Martin’s Westeros and Free Cities, Telltale should be able to pull off another huge hit.

The legions of characters of the A Song of Ice and Fire (on TV, Game of Thrones) universe are a perfect subject matter as there are many offshoot stories told within the novels, sometimes of no apparent importance, sometimes containing a vast depth of subliminal plot hooks. Basically, telltale could create unknown characters and drop them into the world with an exciting new tale running alongside the original plot and it wouldn’t spoil a thing, or at least they better not, Martin fans are rabid.

I know with recent trends, that this would please many gamers and I especially can’t wait to see if the rumours are true. Telltale have not made an official comment as of yet, but keep your eye on N3 for more info as it appears.

Much like Jon Snow, I know nothing and this is all hearsay at the minute, so don’t quote me on anything you read here and blame IGN instead who poked their finger in that specific pigeon pie.