In 1999, Ensemble Studios developed one of the most intriguing RTS games of the time… Age of Empires II. In 2013, it was re-released in flashy new HD with the gameplay finely intact.

What is surprising, it that Ensemble have released an absolutely new expansion pack for the game, named simply, The Forgotten. You can pick up this addition to AoE2 on Steam and within, you’ll recieve five new civilisations, including the Italians, Indians, Slavs, Magyars and Incas. Along with them, there are four, whole new campaigns to play including a chance to take on the role of the prince of darkness himself… No, not Ozzy Osbourne, but Dracula. A strange choice but I’m sure it’s an entertaining one.

There is also the chance to play with the LudaKRIS map size (possibly the same size as a rap artist), stream matches to Twitch, a Spectator mode where you can watch players impose their empires on each other and finally, two spanking new modes to play.

Treaty has been offered in more recent titles as No Rush and allows you to win through economic growth followed by war. Capture the Relic involves sending your monks out into the wilderness to hunt for a, well, a relic and get it back to your colony before your enemy can.

You can grab it now on Steam at £6.99/$9.99 and relive the late nineties in all their bloody, war mongering glory.

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