This week Angry Birds Go! the upcoming kart racing game from Rovio ‘soft launched’ in New Zealand giving mobile gamers the chance to play the game early and iron out any bugs, what we’ve found out since the launch is that the game is rife with in-app-purchases with one particular item costing an outstanding £70.

We’ve become used to free mobile games to include some sort of in-app-purchase, whether it’s £0.69 for a handful of extra lives, £1.99 to unlock more levels, or even £5.99 for a bag of pointless cash, but Angry Birds Go! seems to have taken the biscuit a little bit. According to Pocket Gamer the new avian kart racing title contains several in-app-purchases for Energy, Power Ups, and even Karts to race in, one of which costs a crazy £69.99..

Pocket Gamer’s preview of the title reveals that the game seems to be more effort than it’s actually worth with the first two tracks needing to be played multiple times to earn the coins to unlock more levels and upgrades, upgrades are then required to boost your kart’s CC rating which is needed in order to actually play the levels you’ve unlocked.

But of course, help is at hand thanks to in-app-purchases which allow you to use real money to purchase almost everything! The Energy system is also pretty interesting with your bird of choice only having the chance to play five races before getting tired making you wait God knows how long for them to recharge, or again, you can purchase energy.

With the launch only being a soft one most of this information could change when the game finally launches on December 11 for Android and iOS.


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