I could definitely lose my self for a good few hour in a hobby shop. I love all of the little trinkets and gadgets that you can purchase ranging from train sets, to RC cars, planes and of course Helicopters. Today I’m going to take a look at the Attop No.9808 3-Channel RC Helicopter from Ebuyer and try to give you my opinion on this awesome gadget.

Now, I’m not a seasoned RC pilot. I’ve had my own RC copter for around a year and I must say that it has required a fair bit of maintenance in order to keep it flying and recover from the various crashes that have occurred due to flying it into a wall or two. That’s not to say that I haven’t learned from my mistakes because I have, so this review is going to be from a beginners perspective which I expect if you’re reading this, you are too.

First thing I must point out when talking about RC Helicopters is that the ‘channel’ means something completely different than with RC Cars. The term ‘channel’ applies to it’s range of motion, not the ability to switch between frequencies. The Attop No.9808 is a three channel gadget which means that it goes up and down, it rotates on it’s own axis, allowing you to change the direction the chopper is facing, and finally backwards and forwards.

In the RC hobby world you can also get one and two channel choppers which offer simplistic motion to the more advanced 5, 6, and even 9 channel helicopters. These more advanced ranges in motion consist of banking left and right, controlling gun turrets, activating smoke systems, controlling landing gear, and even controlling an on board camera.

For now we’ll just focus on the Attop No.9808. This RC copter is perfect for beginners and even offers a challenge to those with basic experience flying RC toys. Compared to the one I’ve had for a while now the No.9808 is a lot more durable because it’s built with a robust alloy frame so it can definitely take a few crashes completely unharmed, the chopper also came with a complete set of spare blades as well as tail rotor and a screwdriver for when you need to replace broken blades.


In terms of battery life you can’t expect a lot of play time for a small gadget like this. Sadly from a 30 minute charge you only get around 10 minutes play but I’ve learned that it’s something that comes with smaller beginner hobby toys such as this.

The Attop No.9808 is easy to control and also offers the ability to tweak the trim if you find that the copter just keeps spinning in circles. It’s a perfect beginner model and also offers a slight challenge for those looking to go one step further to a higher model. My one bug bear with most RC copters are the controllers. Sure, the choppers can take a crash or two but sadly the controller doesn’t.

The controller needs around 6 double A batteries which makes it a fairly heavy and clunky bit of kit. That wouldn’t usually be a problem for most people, but I have two cats and no unit is sacred. Both of my RC copter controllers have been spitefully pushed off of a unit by one of our cats and have sadly taken damage quite easily, funnily enough both controller also received the same damage on the left control stick.


If you’re planning on buying a copter like this for a younger child who’s prone to dropping things or someone with butter fingers I can guarantee the copter will last much longer than the controller. Luckily enough both of the damages were fairly easy to repair with a bit of super glue, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

You can buy the Attop No.9808 from Ebuyer for £24.99. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re wanting to dive into the world of RC helicopters, it’s a great starter toy and will help you learn the basics of flying a toy RC.

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Ten minutes flight time on a thirty minute charge is very good in the rc heli world.