Batman Arkham Origins was a game that was met with average reviews due to it’s familiarity and no innovation, but that does mean that you shouldn’t play it because it’s great to play as a younger and angrier Batman.

Warner Bros. Interactive have revealed that they’re working on a new DLC pack which will be story based which they told IGN. Not a lot is known of the DLC as of yet because they didn’t say too much all they said is: “new kind of challenge map pack that’s got a little bit of a narrative to it”. It’s going to about a very young Bruce Wayne in a monastery full of ninjas, if there wasn’t a recipe for success then I don’t what is.

There has been no official release date for the DLC, but they did say that it’ll be out some time in December so you won’t have to wait long for some more Batman action. They also announced a smaller DLC pack which will be the Infinite Crisis Earth’s Skins pack.

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