To celebrate the launch of Battlefield 4 last week The Slow Mo Guys and EA have teamed up to bring the game’s eye-melting destruction to vivid life by blowing up a building, but not just that, they filmed it at 2,500 frames per second so you can watch the destruction in slow motion.

Anyone who’s ever played a Battlefield title has thrown a hand grenade in-game and taken out the side of a building, but The Slow Mo Guys, equipped with cutting edge cameras, have taken this one step further and have decided to show what grenades look like exploding in real life.

The Frostbite 3 engine makes Battlefield 4 the most visceral, visually-arresting First Person Shooter ever released, but now’s your chance to see what happens when The Slow Mo Guys run amok on a missile testing base armed with nothing but some hand grenades, an abandoned building and a suspiciously large stack of bright red, explosives-stuffed barrels…
Gav and Dan, The Slow Mo Guys, are one of the of the most popular channels on YouTube, having produced over 80 videos to date with over 270 million views.



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