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Battlefield 4 has been on shelves for less than a day and EA have already revealed which maps will be included in the first DLC for the title, Second Assault, which will be released on November 22.

The map pack will bring four maps from Battlefield 3 to the new title, with fans favourites Caspian Border, Operation Metro, Gulf of Oman and Operation Firestorm all being re-worked and receiving BF4’s Levolution treatment, before being released for download for players to enjoy on the new title.

Battlefield 4: Second Assault will be the first of five planned map packs for BF4, the second of which will be China Rising, which is expected to be released to Premium members on December 3.

Players can sign up for Battlefield’s Premium service for $50, which will see them receive all five expansions that are planned between now and Summer 2014 at no extra charge.

Battlefield 4: Second Assault was revealed during the showdown between Europe and USA on BF4, which is currently taking place in London, and you can watch here if you’re so inclined.

My thoughts

As a gamer that sometimes finds himself lacking on funds to keep up with the latest releases I’m not a massive fan of DLCs, however I do appreciate what they offer to a game and when I do get the cash together to download new content I’m rarely disappointed.

Saying this I’ve always believed that DLCs should be released to freshen up a game that may have been losing some of its appeal, with this in mind I find it absolutely crazy that two new map packs will be released for Battlefield 4 around a month after its release, the maps must have been built before the game was released and EA have purposefully held back their release to squeeze more money from Battlefield 4 gamers.

I know that this is common practice now in today’s DLC culture that has spread through gaming, but for a AAA title like BF4 having to pay our for not one, but two, new content packs a month after its release seems ridiculous to me, especially as EA have slapped an RRP of £54.99 on the game.

This is probably dwindling opinion in gaming these days and most might not bat an eyelid to DLC being released so soon after the game’s release, if you are of a different school of thought than me please let me know in the comment section below, I’d like to see how the purchase of the DLC so soon after the games release will be justified by some. Equally if you have the same position as me please comment below, I’d like to know whether I am alone with my viewpoint these days.

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