Kickstarter funded micro-product, BOLT – the impressive all-new portable charger by FLUXMOB – comes in at a third of the size of its competitors with over twice the capacity. A little too good to be true? That’s not even the best bit…

Since the turn of the century, hardware designers of interactive media devices have been constantly upping the bar with promises of technological convenience and ability, though one of the more essential attributes tends to slip the minds of the common consumer; raw power.

With several brands competing for the sharper display, the crisper audio or the silky smooth speed of a touch interface, these luxuries tend to take a toll on the poor little diode bleeding its life away between the sandwich of plastic in your hand. This of course can be dreadfully inconvenient, whether you’re browsing the web on the go or trying to show your colleague that side-numbingly hilarious YouTube video you happened to discover last night, having your handheld hit the daunting 1% can be frustrating – that’s where BOLT comes in.

With a built in 3000mAh rechargeable battery, the BOLT portable charger can boost the battery of your mobile iOS and/or Android device(s) for up to two full charges. When it runs dry? Simply plug it into the wall and juice it up for your next outing.

The Bolt (Spec)

With the project’s kickstarter hitting a staggering $90,000, the BOLT is now going into mass production in the United States and will ship internationally. Available in a trio of colors (Stealth, Graphite and Argon), the BOLT is available for order now at a market price of $59.99.

What do you think of the new wave of micro-chargers hitting the market these days? Will you be ditching the household adapter for a “portable power pack”? Let us know below!

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