I somehow doubt with Ben Affleck’s current affiliation we’ll be seeing him appear in the Daredevil TV series, but since we’re here and you’re one of the bafflingly huge crowd of people who didn’t like the Daredevil film or the 1980’s Incredible Hulk film in which Daredevil appeared – here’s a brief history.

Matt Murdock grew in the infamous Hell’s Kicthen, an area of New York were crime is high and life expectancy is low. His dad Battlin’ Jack Murdock was a prize fighter on the ropes and huge appetite for winning. He joined up with a promoter called the Fixer who demanded his took a dive in the prize fight.

In the meantime, Jack had made Matt study hard and get a good life and not end up like him when one day Matt saved an old man from being hit by a tanker full of radioactive waste. Matt was doused in the chemicals which rendered him blind and but enhanced his other senses.

From here, like any good super hero, Matt received training from the blind ninja Master Stick to control his new powers.

After his dad was shot dead by the Fixer because he refused to throw his fight, Matt tracked down the killers and punished them.

Later in life Murdock went onto study law and earned his degree alongside his best friend Foggy Nelson. Aiming to help Hell’s Kitchen they set up a legal practice in the area and Matt made a costume out his fathers old boxing robes and became Daredevil. Daredevil’s first costume was a mix of red and yellow; he basically wore a red uni-tard over a yellow body suit. He eventually changed into an all red one you know today.

Matt’s life has been draped in tragedy with many close friends dying and dark nature of Hell’s Kitchen abundant. Matt briefly became possessed by a ancient demon when he took over the Ninja clan The Hand and turned Hell’s Kicthen into a his own personal state.

He even built a castle called Shadowland.

He also killed his long time nemesis Bullseye and changed into a black costume.

With the aid of Spider-Man, Iron fist, Wolverine and former girlfriend Electra he was bought back to the good side.

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