BugBear Entertainment have recently announced that Next Car Game has made it’s way to Kickstarter. Next Car Game is the working title for the companies… next car game… The game aims to be the spiritual successor to the companies FlatOut series as well as a massive tip of the hat to the Destruction Derby series.

BugBear are hoping to raise $350,000 by December 1, check out the pitch below.

I was a fan of Next Car Game from the first time I saw the teaser trailer a few months back. I absolutely played Destruction Derby to death on my PlayStation and I haven’t really seen a decent car smashing title quite like that since Destruction Derby 2. I’m not overly familiar with FlatOut, but I presume they’re pretty good too.

BugBear have had the pre-orders of their game open for a little while now so you’re probably wondering why they’ve headed to Kickstarter this late after the announcement, well there’s a few reasons, the first is due to fan requests, the second is because it’s something the company always wanted to do but had found it difficult for a Finnish company, and finally BugBear have some massive plans for Next Car Game, plans that can only be achieved with additional funding from Kickstarter.

If you’re interested you should head to the Kickstarter page now, you can pledge anything from $1 and get a digital Christmas Card from the company, $20 to get access to the sneak peek they’ll be revealing once the Kickstarter ends AND access to the game when it launches, or if you’re a big spender $10,000 can get you a trip to Lapand to see Santa!!!!!!!!

If they manage to reach $350,000 and the money pot keeps filling up, there’s talks that the game could come to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as the initial launch on PC.

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