It all sounds like an episode of ‘How Clean is Your House’ but the new patch for CoD Ghosts unfortunately doesn’t supply two old bints to clean up your dogs mucky leavings or use lemon and vinegar solution to wipe your bloodstained visor clean…

It’s all about the special effects and the patch provides some nice visual updates for both AMD and Nvidia GPU users. For those of you who can afford to splash some cash on a high powered GTX range card, you’ll get the addition of a fuzzier mutt, with realistic fur that blows in the wind and sets your allergies off, alerting nearby enemies to your whereabouts and getting you shot… Maybe not, but that would be quite clever. You also get true to life smoke and particle effects that make the game that little bit more immersive.

The more affordable and still quite powerful AMD range of GPU’s will only get the dog fur update, so no floaty wisps of powder-burn smoke for you, as it only works with PhysX technology only used in Nvidia cards.

Along with the SFX comes a list of fixes, graphical plastering and latency exterminating patches that will make your foul mouthed murder spree a much smoother experience.

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