Hackers have already begun their campaign of terror in the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, days before the game’s release. Could it be that Activision have been beaten out of the blocks by hackers and modders already?

The video above is from MinnesotaBurns who recorded his conversation with some hackers while playing the pre-release version of Ghosts.

I hate calling people like these ‘hackers’, because they’re not. They use hacks made by hackers who know what they’re doing, but really these guys probably couldn’t hack a game if they were locked in a room with a supercomputer and the Ghosts source code for a year. These guys are just cheaters. Calling them ‘Hackers’ conjures images of cyberpunks locked in a room and jacked into the Matrix, when really they just followed a YouTube tutorial on how to flash their Xbox’s and install someone else’s hacks. They probably even paid for it.

The game isn’t even released and it’s already over for them. Silly little cheaters.

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