Gabriel Belmont’s quest for revenge continues in the sequel to one of the most popular action RPG’s of last generation. The trailer lays the story and setting on the table and if you haven’t played the original, be careful of spoilers if you want to see the adventure through from the beginning.

Lords of Shadow had a very involving plot, haunting atmosphere, great voice acting and was one of 2010’s must own games. Although it strayed away from the series’ 2D gameplay and offered gameplay akin to God of War rather than the Metroidvania style many loved and hoped for, Mercury Steam’s vampire whipping video game gained a massive following and sold well. Which is fortunate, as we can now see the conclusion of Gabriel’s story and the consequences he must face after the events of the last game.

The special edition has also been announced, offering a crypt full of goodies for those wishing to part with the cash. The Dracula’s Tomb Premium Edition will contain a steelbook case, an A4 hardcover artbook and four miniatures designed by Judge Dredd and Majestic artist, Neil Googe. It all comes in a black tomb-shaped case and a copy of the game… Obviously. GAME in the UK will be picking up the exclusive rights to sell the premium package and with 30,000 units, it’s surely a collector’s item. There will be a special steelbook cover available only from Zavvi if you don’t fancy spending a week’s wages on the tomb but want something a bit more extravagant than a plastic case.

There will also be the usual, highly annoying pre-order bonuses from different retailers, making you stroke your pointy beards in thought of whether to choose a premium Dracula skin, a Dark Dracula costume or a relic pack that will add some nifty items to your inventory… It’s unknown who will be selling which, so check closer to the release date for more details.

You can resurrect your bloodlust on the 28th of February 2014, when Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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