Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior has provided me with some of the most hilarious gameplay I’ve ever encountered. There’s nothing better than charging down a hill with a sword flailing above your head whilst screaming. A few months ago Torn Banner Studios announced that players could get early access to Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior by pre-ordering the DLC and finally they have announced definitive release date! yyeeeaaaarrrgghhh!

November 14 is when you can expect to download the DLC which hopes to answer that life-long question, who would win between Pirates and Ninjas? Well those are the names of our two cats and I’m still yet to find the answer; sometimes Ninja gets the upper hand, then Pirate will dive in with a swooping kill.. Anyway, enough about my cats..

Featuring four new factions; Pirates, Ninjas, Vikings, and Spartans the Deadliest Warrior DLC is set to launch on Steam on November 14 and should cost you around £12.

While you’re here be sure to check out James’ n3rdBurst which features lots of shouting and some pretty bad ass shield frizbee kills!

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